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West Chester Restaurant Guide!

I was recently browsing around Westchesterdish.com when I noticed they had a restaurant tab. As I clicked on the tab it brought up an entire list of restaurants around the West Chester area. It is very helpful because it not only lists the names and locations but it also has a review section were people can leave comments about there experiences. I thought I would share the link and also the small exert from there website, you can view the West Chester Restaurant section by clicking here or by visit http://www.westchesterdish.com

“Since Iron Hill Brewery first opened up in the heart of West Chester, the town has experienced a dining renaissance. The most popular dining neighborhood is on Gay Street, which is lined with restaurants and pubs offering everything from formal French gastronomic fare to cheese steaks and pitas. Nightlife is alive and well in the county seat, and many bars and restaurants provide outdoor seating in the summer. In the borough and the surrounding communities, diners can find a variety of bars and Irish pubs, American neighborhood bars, pizza parlors, hoagie shops, Mexican, Chinese and Thai, diners, hot dog stands, steakhouses, burger joints, tea rooms and coffee shops.”  – WCDish.com 


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