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Parking in Downtown West Chester

After receiving a parking ticket in Downtown West Chester the other day, I thought it would be a good time to clear up confusion and remind visitors about parking. First and foremost, I would advise you, if you haven’t already, to watch Malena’s Where to Park in West Chester video. Also, on-street parking meters have been changed to allow customers to park up to three hours. At the same time, there are new hours of enforcement posted on affected meters:

  • 8am to 10pm, Monday thru Friday.
  • FREE on Saturday until 5pm. Saturday evening enforcement from 5pm to 10pm.
  • FREE on Sunday except during major events which have a $5 flat fee.
Your best option for parking in downtown West Chester are the centrally located municipal parking garages. Park as long as you want and have no fear of getting a parking ticket. To add convenience to downtown parking, there is a pilot program currently underway to test new parking meters. They’re the shiny ones found on portions of Gay and Market Streets and they now accept Visa/Mastercard as well as quarters. Incase you do encounter a ticket in the future, paying them just got a little easier! You can now pay them online by visiting the Borough of West Chester’ official website www.west-chester.com.


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