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Sneak Peek of the Boxcar Brewpub

Craft beer? Delicious menu items? Live music? And a local wine and cider bar? If you’re curious to see the exciting plans that are in store for Boxcar Brew Pub’s future, this is the event for you. Tickets are on sale now and include hot and cold menu items from the unreleased Boxcar Brewpub menu, ice-cold craft beer, live Swing music from the “Trailer Park Trio”, as well as local wine & cider samplings, and home-brewing tips from Boxcar’s new Head Brewer. You might even possibly get a sneak peek of the upcoming 2015 “Boxcar Beer Games”. The event is scheduled for November 22nd, from 7pm-11pm. You can purchase tickets by clicking here or visit www.boxcarbrewingcompany.com.

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