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Holiday Travelers Visit The Hotel Warner

Just a reminder to everyone that the Hotel Warner is opened and taking reservations. It’s a perfect place for Holiday travelers to stay and enjoy downtown West Chester! Lets face it, it’s more fun when you spend the night in West Chester. Especially in the The 80-room Hotel Warner, where you can do it in style and comfort. Guests enjoy the finest in lodging hospitality with spacious rooms, beverage bar, continental breakfast, indoor pool, exercise room, WiFi, and sheltered parking… All within steps of the downtown restaurants and shops.


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Warm Week Upon Us

Phil let us down

Phil let us down (Photo credit: misterbisson)

Spring is officially a month away today, but the flowers called snowdrops are more likely to appear this week than snowflakes. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday could see highs in the low 60s – marks more commonly found in early April. So much for Punxsatawney Phil’s Groundhog’s Day prediction of six more weeks of winter.

Today and Tuesday should have highs of about 50 – just above the low expected Thursday night. Normal for this time of year are lows in the upper 20s and highs in the mid 40s. The week also has a chance to be a damp one, with showers mentioned as a possibility – not a probability – Tuesday afternoon and night, Wednesday night, and Thursday into Friday. The best chance for rain is 50-50 Friday. The weekend should clear up but cool down, with more seasaonal highs in the mid 40s and lows near freezing in the city.

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