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Chester County Voter Information

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Tomorrow, November 6th, is election day! I came across this article with some important information for voters around the Chester County area via http://www.dailylocal.com, remember every vote counts!

Voters will be asked for identification but are not required to produce it when they show up at polls Tuesday. Chester County Voter Services Director Jim Forsythe said that while identification is not required for voters, they will be asked for it and reminded that the law may go into effect for the 2013 primary. If voters do not have a valid ID card, they will be given literature on what will be required in the future if the law is upheld by the courts, Forsythe said.The ID process may add minimal amounts of time to the wait for voting on Tuesday, Forsythe said. He added that regardless of the need for IDs, a wait may be likely.

“Because it’s a presidential race, we’re going to have longer lines, so ask people to be patient,” Forsythe said. “But long lines are a good thing, because it means people are coming out to vote.” Forsythge also said that voters with any questions about the registration status should call on Monday and not wait until Tuesday, because call volumes will be so high that day. He said the number to call is 610-344-6410.

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America Remembers 9/11


Today marks the 11th year since the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America. Today, is a day of remembrance and honor for those who lost their lives on 9/11, as well as for the people fighting to keep our country safe.

All around the world people have been paying tribute to this day of remembrance. President Obama spoke earlier this morning at the pentagon were families and military brass gathered, “Eleven times we have marked another September 11th come and gone. Eleven times, we have paused in remembrance, in reflection, in unity and in purpose, This is never an easy day.”

Romney shook the hands of a dozen or so firefighters one by one as they stood on the tarmac of O’Hare International Airport  before boarding his plane to Reno, Nev., where he is scheduled to address the National Guard Association convention. “Those who would attack us should know that we are united,” Romney said in a statement. “Eleven years ago, evil descended upon our country, taking thousands of lives in an unspeakable attack against innocents. America will never forget those who perished. America will never stop caring for the loved ones they left behind. And America shall remain ever-vigilant against those who would do us harm.”


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Don’t Miss Tonight’s State of the Union Address


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President Obama will use his State of the Union address Tuesday evening to make a renewed case for an overhaul of the tax reform, one of a host of “common sense” ideas advisors say he’ll offer to shore up the American economy and tackle the growing deficit. That message comes as Obama is also beginning in earnest to ask voters to give him another four years in Washington. And as he presses for what the White House calls “tax fairness,” he was offered a new political weapon from a potential Republican rival, Mitt Romney.

The former Massachusetts governor’s campaign on Tuesday detailed his income and tax burden for 2010 and an estimate for 2011. He had an effective tax rate of $13.9% in 2010 and 15.9% in 2011 on income of more than $20 million each year. Senior White House advisor David Plouffe said in a round of interviews Tuesday morning that Romney’s tax rate illustrates the “tax reform we need.”

Obama’s speech is intended to serve as a bookend to the major speech he delivered in December in Kansas, where he said the American middle class is at a “make-or-break moment.” He invoked a Republican predecessor, Theodore Roosevelt, in railing against growing income inequality. It is indeed an election year, and Obama’s address to Congress — his sixth overall — is not expected to include the kind of laundry list of policy offerings that previous addresses did.  And he’ll quickly take his message on the road with the traditional post-State of the Union barnstorming tour, which this year is a three-day itinerary of likely electoral battlegrounds in the fall.

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