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West Chester BID Offering National Marketing Plan

A national marketing plan dedicated to increasing tourism around the area has begun. According to Malcolm Johnstone from www.downtownwestchester.com, West Chester BID will be focusing efforts on a national marketing plan for 2013.

With the opening of the Hotel Warner and a rebounding tourism market, the West Chester BID is positioning downtown West Chester as a place to explore and enjoy when visiting Southeast Pennsylvania.

The BID currently has plans for placement in more than 25 print, broadcast, and web media that includes The New Yorker magazine, Pennsylvania Vacation magazine and PA Tourist Map, as well as local and regional media. The goal is to distribute 80,000 downtown brochures and magazine visitor guides and to increase traffic at DowntownWestChester.com from its current level of 500 visits a day.

In total, more than 4.3-million advertising and public relation impressions will be published to a potential audience of 10-million. It is the most aggressive marketing plan to date for the BID.


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