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My Visit to The Brandywine River Museum

Photo | Matthew Steindl

Photo | Matthew Steindl

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Brandywine River Museum. After conducting a bit of research online, before visiting the museum, I was excited to learn that they provide free admission on Sunday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to12:00 p.m. If you have never been I would suggest taking a trip. The quaint little art museum is located along the Brandywine River in the heart of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.

Even before visiting the museum I heard a lot about the many works of art it has on display by the Wyeth family. They are a famed family of local artists living in Chadds Ford, who have been producing great works of art for generations. The Wyeth family works of art are very interesting to me because they capture and depict many scenes I see every day, such as landscapes around Chester County.

Upon arriving at the museum, I was instantly struck by the simplistic old-fashioned building. It was evident that the building had been around for quite some time. The outside consisted of a courtyard that was surrounded by walls comprised of stone. As I entered the museum I was quickly greeted by a nice woman at the front desk. She informed me that my visit would be free due to the special Sunday morning hours. After explaining of my first time visit, she handed me a map and informed me of the various locations within the museum. Overall, the staff was very kind and informative throughout my visit.


Photo | Matthew Steindl

After departing the front desk, I was overwhelmed by the enormous glass windows that overlooked the Brandywine River. Each floor of the museum had these windows and it was one of my favorite aspects of the museum. It was almost as if you were in an observatory tower that overlooked the beautiful Brandywine River. In my eyes the beautiful scenery, visible through the windows, was a display of artwork in itself.

The museum consisted of three floors, but overall my favorite exhibit was located on the third floor of the museum. It was titled “Mohegan” because all of the works involved were portrayals of the island Mohegan, which was located off the coast of Massachusetts. Both Jamie Wyeth and Rockwell Kent had paintings featured in the exhibit. However, I enjoyed Jamie Wyeth’s paintings more because they consisted of much more color and detail. Also, I enjoyed the landscapes of the island Jamie chose to portray in his paintings a significant amount more than Kent’s.

In the end, my visit to the Brandywine River Museum was magnificent and breathtaking; from the scenic overlook of the Brandywine River to the many great works of art throughout the museum. I could not have asked for a better museum visit. I would recommend all to visit the Brandywine River Museum at least once in your lifetime. Make sure to take advantage of the free Sunday morning special now through November 24, 2013. For more information visit www.brandywinemuseum.org.


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Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!

Apples are an all-American success story-each ...

Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated today, September 26th! John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed, was a Massachusetts-born philosopher and philanthropist, who, beginning in 1802, wandered through northern and Midwestern states planting apple nurseries. His trees fed many settlers, and he was loved wherever he went.

Fall brings forth a time for harvest, and apple picking is a fun fall activity that family and friends can do together. Head right outside of town to Highland Orchards! They offer apple picking all fall. Not much for the outdoors? The West Chester Growers Market also offers farm fresh apples and other fruits.

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