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Iron Hill offering some Patriotic Beers just in time for July 4th!

Iron Hill is releasing a very patriotic Beer today (June 28th) just in time for the Fourth of July! It’s just what you need before heading off to the shore or a family BBQ this weekend. Swing by by Iron Hill and grab growlers of their three special Fourth of July releases; Cherry Wheat, Belgian White & Blueberry Wheat. They’ll serve as the greatest addition to your holiday gatherings, pairing perfectly with your festive food! Below are the three new beer releases:

Cherry Wheat – Pale, unfiltered Belgian-style wheat beer flavored with dark sweet cherries.  light-bodied, sweet, and refreshing.

Belgian Witbier – Pale, unfiltered Belgian-style wheat beer. Although light-bodied, it has complex orange citrus and spice flavors that are very refreshing.

Blueberry Wheat – Pale, unfiltered wheat beer fermented with Blueberry juice. Although light-bodied, it has a very refreshing palette that finishes on the sweet side.


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