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Fireworks & Fountain Show this Weekend at Longwood

FirewksFtnsLgVisit Longwood Gardens this Saturday, August 30 at 8:15pm for a special Fireworks & Fountain Show! The entire family will enjoy Longwood Gardens’ breathtaking event, the lavish fireworks, stirring music and colorful illuminated fountains make for an unforgettable night.

Guests can arrive to reserve a space in the gardens viewing area after 3pm and are encouraged to bring a lightweight folding chair. Also, there are rental chairs available while supplies last for $5 each. Be sure not to miss this spectacular end of Summer celebration, Tickets are on sale now at http://www.longwoodgardens.org.

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Fireworks & Fountains this weekend at Longwood

Get ready for an evening of oohs and ahhs, as Longwood Gardens presents a spectacular display of Fireworks & Fountains this weekend, July 20th at 9:15pm. The show is guaranteed to make your summer memorable. The shows theme is Festive Fireworks and will be featuring the famous works by the celebrated Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich. The program features Shostakovich’s joyful Festival Overture and Jazz Suite No 2. To purchase tickets online visit http://www.longwoodgardens.org or by phone at 610-388-1000 (additional fees apply for phone orders).



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Longwood Gardens Presents Fireworks & Fountains

Get ready for an evening of oohs and ahhs, as Longwood Gardens presents spectacular Fireworks & Fountains shows guaranteed to make your summer memorable. The summer long event kicks off this Saturday, May 25! You can Buy tickets online or by calling 610-388-1000 (additional fees apply for phone orders). If members purchase tickets between March 1 & 7 they are eligible for discounts on certain shows. Find out more about the additional Member discount by clicking here. Below is a list of prices for the Firework and Fountain events:

  • $38 Ages 16 & over
  • $31 Members ages 16 & over
  • $22 Ages 15 & under
  • $18 Members Ages 15 & under

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Happy Independence Day!

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July! Since we will be grilling and laying poolside with our families we wanted to say Happy Independence day to everyone! Remember tonight Longwood Gardens will be hosting fireworks as well as there “Light” feature throughout the gardens! Wander through a field of light reminiscent of flowers, discover a meadow of glowing towers changing hues, and delight in a shower of cascading raindrops fashioned from delicate lights as you are immersed in a new and truly unique garden experience. Both indoors and outdoors, by day and by night, Light! will change the way you see gardens.” For more information visit www.longwoodgardens.org. I will leave you with a picture I recently shot in Black&White of our beautiful town of West Chester!


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Crazy Pennsylvania Laws that still Exists

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I was browsing Yahoo.com this morning when I came across a featured article entitled “Crazy Laws Governing Pennsylvania Residents“. Curiosity got the best of me, I had to click and read more. After reading further what I found was an article that explained five Pennsylvania laws that remain on the books long after their relevance has past/Laws that once had an important purpose, but are now just annoyances. Below is a list of these five laws and a short explanation of each, for more information you can view the full article by clicking here.

  • Removing Trespassing Livestock

If a Pennsylvania resident finds a farm animal on his or her property, the proper individual to inform is the constable. In Pennsylvania, constables are like police officers, except they have statewide authority to deal with both civil and criminal matters. Constables do not get a public salary, but may be paid with public funds based on the work that is done. Though most constables would not have the first idea of how to herd a cow off someone’s property, this law was recently included as part of the consolidation of laws relating to constables in 2009. The next time a PA resident has a cow or sheep take up residence on the lawn, be sure to contact your local constable.

  • Fireworks Can’t be Sold to Pennsylvanians

It is perfectly legal for licensed sellers to sell all different types of consumer fireworks in Pennsylvania. Those who sell the fireworks will need to look closely at the buyer’s identification, however, as Pennsylvania residents are not allowed to purchase the more extreme, or even most, fireworks. Those who are Pennsylvania residents can get a permit to put on a fireworks display, but other than that option, residents are generally limited to sparklers and other novelties. There are no limits as to which types of fireworks can be sold by licensed sellers in the state to non-residents, however.

  • Wine and Liquor Can Only Be Sold in State Stores

Unless you are drinking at a bar or restaurant, if you want to purchase liquor or wine in Pennsylvania, you will need to go to the state store. This arcane little law has become a fact of life for all Pennsylvania residents. Recently, there has been a push to privatize the liquor stores. Though the alcoholic beverages would still not be able to be sold in grocery stores, perhaps there could be a greater variety, selection, or price range at the different stores. Currently, every item is priced the same at each store.

  • 192-Ounce Limit for Beer

Unless you are purchasing beer from a beer distributor, you will be limited to a purchase of 192 ounces of beer or malt beverages in a single transaction in Harrisburg. Now, 192 ounces is not a small amount. In fact, it is the equivalent of 16 12-ounce bottles. It is still a strange law to have, though. Just recently, some specific grocery stores and gas stations have been allowed to sell a select few beer and malt beverages, which would seem to put Pennsylvania a little behind the times.

  • No Sunday Car Purchases

There used to be a number of prohibited activities on Sundays. Though most have been repealed by now, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, residents are still not able to purchase a vehicle from a licensed dealer that day. Though residents can likely buy alcoholic beverages on a Sunday, even with the restrictive alcohol laws of the state, they cannot purchase a vehicle.

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