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Borough Adds New Penalty for Smokers

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The West Chester Borough Council voted to enact a new ordinance that would fine smokers at least $100 if they’re caught littering their cigarette butts. “We have a problem with the cleanliness of our streets,” said borough council president Holly Brown.  “The cigarette butts get stuck in our brick sidewalks, and this is an effort to try to alleviate some of those problems.”

The measure passed, but not without some reservations from borough council member Chuck Christy.“I think our police have more important things to do than chase down smokers,” Christy said.  “The BID [Business Improvement District] should encourage restaurants and bars to put out more containers for cigarette butts.”

Brown said that the BID is currently working on buying a large quantity of cigarette containers to be distributed across the borough. Brown also said she got a call from a citizen who was a smoker, who said he was glad the borough was doing something. Now that the ordinance has passed it will go into effect in a monthly, Nov. 17.


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Parking Changes in Downtown West Chester

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On-street parking meters are currently being changed to allow customers to park up to three hours instead of two. At the same time, there are new hours of enforcement posted on affected meters, see below for more information:
  • 8am to 10pm, Monday thru Friday.
  • FREE on Saturday until 5pm. Saturday evening enforcement from 5pm to 10pm.
  • FREE on Sunday.
Your best option for parking in downtown West Chester are the centrally located municipal parking garages. Park as long as you want and have no fear of getting an overtime parking ticket. Go to the Parking Tab for details. For more information visit http://www.downtownwestchester.com!


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