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A Message from Kimberley Vassal Insurance

Local food. Local theater. Local products. We’re paying more and more attention to things that come directly from our own communities. Why shouldn’t your insurance agent be local, too?

Everyone hates feeling like a number, and we promise never to make you feel that way. We’re local. We live here, in the same community that you do. We understand the unique dangers that face our town: How the backroads tend to curve sharply, or how slippery that hill outside of town can be in the winter. Our understanding makes it easier for us to help you avoid needing to make a claim in the first place or how to clean up afterwards.

Kimberley Vassal Insurance has been located in the Chester County area for over a decade. Why not let us help you? When it comes to your insurance agent, shop local! For more information or a free insurance quote visit http://www.kimberleyvassal.com


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Euro-Coachworks Coming Soon to West Chester!

Euro-Coachworks and Dan Vaughan will soon be coming to the West Chester area very soon. Dedication, honesty and a reputation for unwavering attention to detail has made Dan Vaughan a recognized leader in the field of Automotive customer service, restoration and repair Dan has assembled a team of the industry’s best and looks forward to serving you shortly. Check out this video Kimberley Vassal Insurance Agency made of Euro-Coachworks thus far… It’s currently under construction but should be up and running shortly! For more information visit http://www.euro-coachworks.com.

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