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Children’s Play at Chester County Historical Society | August 11


The Uptown Entertainment Alliance presents The Fabulous Fable Factory. Monroe wanders into a seemingly abandoned factory, accidentally trips a lever, and activates an assembly line of seven characters who create fabulous fables. Show begins at 11:00am. Tickets available at Chester County Historical Society (High & Chestnut Sts).

Remember, on-street parking meters have been changed to allow customers to park up to three hours. At the same time, there are new hours of enforcement posted on affected meters:

  • 8am to 10pm, Monday thru Friday.
  • FREE on Saturday until 5pm. Saturday evening enforcement from 5pm to 10pm.
  • FREE on Sunday except during major events which have a $5 flat fee.
Your best option for parking in downtown West Chester are the centrally located municipal parking garages. Park as long as you want and have no fear of getting a parking ticket. See details at the Parking Tab.



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