Chester County Balloon Festival 2014

balloonDon’t miss the 8th annual Chester County Balloon Festival taking place June 13th and 14th! The event is sure to be a thrilling weekend filled with spectacular hot air balloons and non-stop activities! Dramatic sights in the sky will delight all with hot air balloon ascensions, special shapes and magical balloon glows in the evening dusk over the rolling hills of Chester County. Admission for the event is $10 per car payable at the gate. For more information on the event visit

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2 responses to “Chester County Balloon Festival 2014

  1. Wahoo

    Just left this event,, what a terrible disappointment!! The traffic in & out was horrible as there is only 1 way in & 1 way out of the field location. We waited in traffic for nearly 2 hours on Rte. 82, only to have to drive & park in a field which was horribly mowed and filled with all sorts of ruts. Due to winds, the balloon activities were mostly cancelled and the vending area was woefully unable to accommodate the crowds. Trying to leave the venue was equally as frustrating as it was just 1 enormous traffic jam. This could be a very cool event but someone needs to take a serious look at the logistics of this event.

    • Matt

      Thank you for response, I did not personally attend the event so it is good to here feedback! Hopefully next year they will make changes to accommodate the traffic and parking issue.

      Thanks again,


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