Winter Storm Heading Our Way

A huge storm moving into Pennsylvania today is expected to bring a mix of snow, ice and rain to the state. It has the potential to be severe in parts of the region Wednesday into Thursday. According to the National Weather Service, the storm will mostly be in the form of heavy rain, some snow and possibly significant icing in parts of the area.

Here’s what to expect: Philadelphia/I-95 Corridor: Brief snow beginning around noon, but warm air will move in quickly and change any snow to sleet, or even straight to rain. Rain will become heavy 6 p.m. to midnight, with some flooding possible. Temperatures will rise at night, and there could even be a thunderstorm.

South and east of the city: Rain begins in the late morning and becomes heavy by late in the day. Some thunderstorms are also likely, leading to localized flooding. Temperatures could jump into the 50s Wednesday night.

Gusty winds are also expected. The storm will begin to clear on Thursday however and we’re in for plenty of sunshine on Friday. Another storm is expected to hit on Saturday. The track of this one means more of the storm will be snow. As of Tuesday night, it doesn’t look like it will have as much moisture as Wednesday’s storm. It will also be moving quickly, so it is not likely to be a huge snowstorm. But with the storm track moving just south of us, much of this storm could be snow, even in the Philly and the surrounding suburbs, with at least some accumulation.

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