Chester County Fire Marshal Winter Reminder

FireplaceThe following information comes from Chester County Chief Fire Marshal Harrison “Digger” Holt via Chester County Department of Emergency Services

The Chester County Fire Marshal’s Office reminds residents to be careful while using their fireplaces and woodstoves during this Winter season. Chimneys should be examined regularly for any creosote buildup that would result in a possible damaging chimney fire.

Chimneys should be inspected and cleaned by a reputable company at the beginning of the heating season and more often if the unit is used on a regular basis. Metal chimneys should be inspected for any damage to the metal and to make sure all connections are secure. Masonry chimneys in addition to the firebox should be inspected for any cracks to the masonry or damaged mortar joints. The interior of the chimney should be inspected for any damage.

Any blockage in the chimney would cause deadly Carbon Monoxide to enter the living space of the home while in use, which may result in making the occupants sick or cause death. For more information and safety tips visit or click here.


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