Chester County Voter Information

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Tomorrow, November 6th, is election day! I came across this article with some important information for voters around the Chester County area via, remember every vote counts!

Voters will be asked for identification but are not required to produce it when they show up at polls Tuesday. Chester County Voter Services Director Jim Forsythe said that while identification is not required for voters, they will be asked for it and reminded that the law may go into effect for the 2013 primary. If voters do not have a valid ID card, they will be given literature on what will be required in the future if the law is upheld by the courts, Forsythe said.The ID process may add minimal amounts of time to the wait for voting on Tuesday, Forsythe said. He added that regardless of the need for IDs, a wait may be likely.

“Because it’s a presidential race, we’re going to have longer lines, so ask people to be patient,” Forsythe said. “But long lines are a good thing, because it means people are coming out to vote.” Forsythge also said that voters with any questions about the registration status should call on Monday and not wait until Tuesday, because call volumes will be so high that day. He said the number to call is 610-344-6410.

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