Looking for a good Beer for Labor Day Weekend?

Whether you’re having a BBQ at home or heading down to the beach this weekend we suggest you check out this new beer review video! Both are beach themed beers and perfect to enjoy on Labor Day this year, The Exit 1 Bayshore Oyster Stout from Flying Fish and Dogfish Head Positive Contact. The Exit 1 Bayshore Oyster Stout is explained on there website as, “an “export style” stout brewed with oysters.  The creamy flavor of English chocolate and roasted malts harmonizes with minerals from the oyster shells.  Irish ale yeast adds a bit of fruitiness and a dry crispness.” While the Dogfish Head Positive Contact is an ale brewed with apple cider and spiced. A positive combination of Fuji cider, slow-roasted farro, a bit of cayenne and fresh cilantro. For more information check out the Beer Review below!

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