Relief in Gas Prices around the area

Gas prices have fallen below $3.50 a gallon around the area for the first time since January. Its a good relief as people begin to travel with family friends for the summer. I recently came across an article over at were they reported, “Not since late-January of this year have we seen gas prices in the Philadelphia area below the $3.50 per gallon mark,” said Jenny M. Robinson, Manager of Public and Government Affairs for AAA Mid-Atlantic.  “Now that crude oil has settled in the $80 range, down from a triple digit highs this spring, gas prices are shifting downward as well. Analysts believe the recent drop in prices will likely last through the summer months and could potentially drop to the $3.00 to $3.25 per gallon range in some areas.”

The price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline is hovering around $3.51 nationally, while averaging $3.43 in Pennsylvania, $3.33 in South Jersey, and $3.37 in Delaware. I have seen gas around the area as low as $3.33 at the local Sunoco down from our offices located in Chadds Ford. I hope prices continue to fall or at least stay around the lower $3 per gallon mark but who knows what might happen next!


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4 responses to “Relief in Gas Prices around the area

  1. Kizzy Dehaemers

    Gas prices are at the highest these days, i genuinely wish that the gas prices will be minimized as the economoy as well as financial crisis shows improvements..

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  4. Trista Astwood

    You can expect gas prices to rise every spring. It seems to get earlier and earlier each year. That’s because oil futures traders know demand for gas rises in the summer. They therefore start buying oil futures contracts in the spring in anticipation of that price rise.^

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