Voter turnout not so great in Chester County

Voter turnout for Republicans and Democrats in Chester County matched other counties in Pennsylvania: It was pretty bad. With some 90 percent of county precincts reporting Tuesday night, the Republican turnout in Chester County was about 27 percent; the Democratic turnout was about 14 percent.

The turnout appeared to spike in areas where the parties had primaries for state representative. For example, the Democratic contest between Bret M. Binder of East Bradford and West Chester Borough Councilwoman Cassandra L. Jones pushed turnout. Binder, a lawyer, recorded 1,251 to 1,114 for Jones in unofficial returns. Jones ran up her tally in the borough but it appears that Binder overcame that in the surrounding township precincts.

Similar Republican campaigns for state representative in the 155th district in the Downingtown area between Becky Corbin and John Mark Muller pushed turnout upwards. Corbin won. ILikewise, incumbent Republican State Rep. Duane D. Milne bested a challenge from former East Whiteland Supervisor Joe Corrigan in the 167th District of the Malvern area. The Republican presidential primary lost its luster when former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum dropped out. Mitt Romney, the leading Republican contender for president, bested all other challengers in Chester County with 66 percent of the vote against Santorum, former U.S. House Speaker New Gingrich and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, who finished second with 14 percent of the vote.

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