Artifact Boutique of West Chester

Artifact is a great boutique right in the heart of downtown West Chester. It offers ladies the  boutique look at affordable prices, everything in the store is always under $60! I have been in the store once or twice before to browse around for a gift and I would have to say it is a very nice store. As you walk in you instantly get the boutique feel, everything is very unique and fashionable. Even from the outside of the shop, the window displays and corner location, instantly give off a great boutique vibe… This is just a great place to shop in my book! The thing that differentiates Artifact from its competitors in the area is that everything is always under $60, which is a great selling point because many times boutique stores are very pricy and expensive. Therefore, when you visit Artifact you know you will be getting a great deal on some specialized and unique products! Next time you are walking around downtown West Chester make sure to check out Artifact Boutique at 200 West Gay Street, West Chester, PA. For more information you can contact them by phone at 610.431.7111 or visit their Facebook page for special offers and happenings at the store by clicking here.


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