Sweets by Samantha: A Custom Cupcake Every Time!

Rarely do you find many cupcake shops around the Chester County area. I think this is because people don’t really think about going out to a specific shop to buy a cupcake or cupcakes; I thought the same thing. Until I took a recent trip to the West Coast; Arizona in particular. I found myself seeing numerous local cupcake shops all around the area, I was very curious what these cupcake shops had to offer, so I decided to stop into one. What I found was a shop that offered a wide array of gourmet elegant cupcakes in all different shapes and flavors; Who knew there could be this many different flavors and looks of a cupcake. I was simply amazed and had to get my hands on one of these handcrafted works of art. It was nearly impossible to choose which cupcake I wanted as the employee explained each cupcake, After a tough decision I went with what the employee said was a favorite of many customers “the red velvet cupcake.” As I took my first bite my eyes immediately bulged out of my head… I was astonished with how amazing a cupcake could taste. (Before this experience I only had cupcakes that were pre-made/packaged and purchased at a grocery store).

At this point you may be asking yourself what’s the point of this story? Well here it is…. After my cupcake experience in Arizona, I was determined when I got home to West Chester to find a local cupcake shop! As I began my research I came across a custom cupcake shop right outside West Chester! It is known as Sweets by Samantha and they are located in the Olde Ridge Village shopping center in Chadds Ford, P.A. I knew I had to stop into Sweets by Samantha because I was in dire need of another cupcake since my last experience. Therefore, I stopped into the shop last week. As soon as I walked in I noticed they had a red velvet cupcake (pictured at the top) immediately I knew I had to get one in order to compare it to the one I had purchased in Arizona… to say the least it was extraordinary! It was even better than the one I experienced on my visit to Arizona. Therefore, I thought I would share my local cupcake find with everyone so you can go experience a wonderful gourmet cupcake for yourself. You can visit Sweets by Samantha website at www.sweetsbysamantha.com

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