Parking in Downtown West Chester

Parking meter 1

Downtown West Chester has ample parking available for visitors even during events. Your best, worry-free options are the two municipal garages — the BicentennialChestnut Street garages — located in the center of downtown. Each provides easy access to hundreds of businesses. You pay for just what you use and never have to worry about getting an overtime parking ticket. Many merchants and restaurants validate garage parking, so take your garage parking ticket with you.

Metered Parking

There are meters on-street and in several parking lots. Meters take quarters only, 15-minutes for each quarter up to three-hours. Metered parking is enforced from 8am to 10pm Monday through Friday and 5pm to 10pm on Saturday. Parking on Sunday is free. (Once the time on the meter has expired, parked cars are subject to an overtime parking ticket.)


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