New Magazine for West Chester

Fig®, a hyper-local communications package offering a voice and vision to downtown West Chester, has launched it’s first magazine edition of Fig West Chester to be distributed throughout the greater Brandywine Valley. Fig Magazine and its social media celebrates the mix of unique shopping, dining, arts and entertainment in the Borough.

“We believe that a unified voice will take West Chester from ‘local treasure’ to ‘regional destination’,” said Deb Brandt, owner of Moxie House that produces Fig®. “Through print, web and social media, Fig cultivates a conversation about the joys of living and visiting the downtown.”

Deb goes on to explain that ‘Fig’ is a symbol of unity and prosperity. The subtleties of figs and their importance in historic cultures make ‘Fig’ a fitting name to showcase a distinctive small city lifestyle. “A fig is small, sophisticated and not too sweet,” she said. “And like the fruit, Fig West Chestermagazine and social media will celebrate the charm that weaves itself into West Chester’s quality of life.” Sign-up at Fig West Chester and have it delivered to your home or office four times a year. It’s FREE! Follow Fig on facebook or visit


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3 responses to “New Magazine for West Chester

  1. Jean Smolens

    Like the choice of name, and idea of a personalized kind of publication. It was brought to my attention with a picture of the several CSAs in the area emailed by owners of the very one to which we belong. GOOD picture !

    • Matt

      It is a great Magazine that offers a ton of good info. of all things West Chester. Even the advertisements don’t bother me because they are only local businesses so it allows me to discover new places in town, Thanks for the reply!

  2. sue

    i hope they only do one in west chester i cant stand when publications become like new home developments that use the same name for multiple places takes the uniqueness away each town or city deserves its own unique website unique name not abc boston abc miami to me that comes off more like well we made money with one town lets do tgem all and make a killing so hipfullu fig is for west chester alone. also every mag offers web print facebook twitter nothing new but keep it local for god sake if you highlight everywhere youre supporting none really.

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