Builders to donate proceeds of sale to nonprofits in West Chester

A new home is scheduled to be built in an empty lot on the corner of Potter and Harmony alleys in West Chester. But unlike other such homes, all proceeds raised from this sale will be donated to charity. In the spirit of giving, local developers Eli Kahn, Jack Loew and Gary Toll have organized the project as a way to give back to the community that has given to them. “The borough has been a great place for us, so we wanted to give back to local charities,” Kahn said.

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Charities benefiting from the sale of the home will be Safe Harbor on Matlack Street and the Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children on Gay Street. “It’s very difficult to get this type of support anymore,” said Glenn Fricke, executive director of Safe Harbor. “It’s tremendous, truly a gift from the heavens.” According to Fricke, executive director of Safe Harbor, the organization served more than 50,000 meals to people in need last year.

Kahn said they are calling the project “Harmony House, a community partnership to benefit the homeless” and expect to raise more than $400,000 with the sale of the home.The carriage house will have three bedrooms and 2½ bathrooms. “We wanted to do something big,” Kahn said. Though Kahn and his partners will be donating the money generated from the sale of the home, Kahn said many contractors have also offered their services at no cost for the project. According to Kahn, the foundation will be laid within the next few weeks and builders anticipate finishing the project by late spring 2012. For more information you can check out the full article originally posted by here.

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