Officials Urge Storm Preparedness

Some residents remain without power after Saturday’s storm and are reminded that, for future storms, personal preparedness is crucial. “The first thing we do is we urge everybody to be prepared, to take personal preparedness seriously,” said Robert Kagel, spokesman for the county’s Emergency Services Department. “Be sure to think about the things you need every single day of your life and know where they are so you can gather them quickly and be prepared.” Kagel said heavy clothing and winter blankets ought to be added to personal emergency kits should any kind of emergency arise during the winter season.

The emergency services department coordinates with hospitals, dialysis center providers, schools and home health care agencies, so that each one has a plan in the face of extreme weather, such as snowstorms, and that each has a generator and is well-staffed. “We’re ready for whatever Mother Nature is going to throw at us,” said Kagel. Kagel said the department will be prepared and is in close contact with the National Weather Service and commercial weather systems, although predictions about this winter season’s snowfall have yet to be made. “There’s nothing that’s pointing to being above or below normal (yet), so it’s tough to say what we’re going to see this winter,” said Jason Krekeler, a National Weather Service meteorologist based in central Pennsylvania.


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