West Chester: Philly AM Recap

The Philly Am isn’t one of the largest skate contest series on the east coast, it’s THE largest skate contest series on the east coast. Once again, Jon Crans and the rest of the dudes at ThreeSixteen Skateboarding threw together a great contest at the new Providence Skate Spot in downtown West Chester, PA. Just about 100 kids skated in the contest and they had about 200 spectators come in and watch throughout the day. The format was fairly simple. Five skaters at a time for a five minute jam sesh. At the end of the day, Abe Howell from West Chester came out on top in the sponsored division winning a solid three hundred dollar check, and Kevin Liedtke came in second. Honorable mention goes out to Henry Jones who absolutely killed it. Everyone should go check out the new skate spot though! It’s open Monday-Wednesday 3pm-dusk (free and padless) and there is permanent ledges that are open to the public 24/7. – Eric Witmer

Top 6:

1st: Abe Howell
2nd: Kevin Liedtke
3rd: Henry Jones
4th: Tyler Thomas
5th: Kyle Knoblauch
6th: Jeremy Murray

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