Outstanding Preservation Projects Recognized

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The West Chester Downtown Foundation (WCDF) has announced seven winners of the First Annual West Chester Historic Preservation Awards Program for 2011. The winners were selected from fourteen nominations for projects that reflect outstanding historic preservation practices within the Borough of West Chester. Each will be honored at a breakfast reception on Tuesday, October 18, at the Chester County Historical Society.

A. Roy Smith was chosen as Preservationist of the Year. He is being honored “because of his consistent and very valuable efforts to preserve both the fabric and the history of West Chester,” wrote the nominating committee for the WCDF. “Moreover, because of the strength of his commitment to preservation, he has helped to foster the importance of retaining and restoring our historic fabric. It is an understanding that is slow to develop and needs the reinforcement of advocates like Roy.”

“The purpose of the preservation awards is to raise awareness of West Chester’s historic character and to encourage the preservation of its historic integrity,” said Jane Dorchester, Architectural Historian and chair of the awards committee. “We intend to make this an annual awards program.” The awards are presented by the West Chester Downtown Foundation, the non-profit arm of the West Chester Business Improvement District. Nominations are for projects and properties located in the Borough of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Read more at A. Roy Smith given local Preservationist of the Year award to see details of each award project.


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