Local Fire Erupts from Storm

Fire in Dumpster

Image by benwatts via Flickr

Fire erupted after lightening struck the roof of a home in West Chester, early Monday morning. It happened at a residence on the 800 block of East Locust Lane. Firefighters worked quickly to save the home as violent weather ripped through the area. The residents of the home, Richard Cole and his family heard the strike but thought that it only hit one of the large trees in their yard. Minutes later, the family smelled smoke and realized something happened.

Cole says the lightning struck his daughter’s bedroom and sparked a fire which snaked its way through the roof until it reached his son’s bedroom. However, some parts of the home were unaffected by the strike. Neighbors say that the storm was one of the worst that they’ve experienced. Cole, his wife, and his daughter are all artists and much of their work and possessions have been destroyed. The Red Cross is helping the Cole family with food, clothing, and a hotel room as they try to recover from the destructive fire. An unfortunate event like this makes you realize why home insurance can be so valuable. For a free insurance quote visit Kimberley Vassal Insurance website today http://www.kimberleyvassal.com

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