Providence Skate Spot

West Chester has produced many talented skateboarders over the years such as Bam Margera; It is a popular hobby that many people in West Chester partake in. The town however has failed to produce any type of public access skate park in the downtown area. As many know skateboarding on sidewalks and around West Chester is practically illegal therefore it is hard to do so in West Chester. Luckily, a group of individuals saw the problem and sought out a solution. Skateboarders of West Chester are all gathering together in order to produce a free public skate spot. The project is led by Jon Crans who is involved with ThreeSixteen skateboarding; which is a non-profit organization who’s goal is to educate and promote the biblical truth of Jesus Christ to people involved in the skateboard community. The project is still in the building stages and details are still being worked out. But I went to meet-up with Jon to see the progress and took some photo’s which are below. More information will be available soon such as the exact location and date the park will open… Come back soon for further updates with the project. 


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